Friday, March 18, 2005

Come to DevTeach 2005 in Montreal!

I'll be speaking at DevTeach 2005 this year in beautiful Montreal June 18-22. If you missed out last year, you should definitely consider it this year. I had a blast and those wonderful Canadians are so hospitable. I'm very excited to be coming back. Check out my sessions topics here and here. I'm doing a two parter with Nick Landry (aka Mobile Man) on designing distributed apps for multiple user interfaces. These sessions are going to be very "how to" focusing on a lot of different issues developing usable enterprise information systems. I can't wait!


ActiveNick said...

ActiveNick hun... not "Mobile Man" (so geeky). True, it's one of my two fields of specialty, but as you know me well, my nickname extends far beyond just the tech world ;)

I hope many people make it to DevTeach in Montreal and more specifically to this two-part session. Should be a real blast and I'm very excited too!

Beth Massi said...

> ActiveNick hun... not "Mobile Man" (so geeky).

So what's your point? :-P