Monday, March 14, 2005

Can't we all just get along?

Here's a great post from Rick commenting on the absurd .NET language "war" that seems to be going on. It's not really a war, it's just a bunch of Microsoft platform developers bickering and wasting time. This is more ridiculous than the religious war of Java versus .NET. At least the argument with Java is an argument about an entire architecture - OS, Languages, and Tools. Who cares if you wrote your code in C# or VB.NET? It runs on the same damn framework! Like Rick, I come from a VFP background (talk about being neglected) so I'm not really bothered when someone tells me that VB.NET is not a "real" language because I know it is and they are probably just saying that because they don't have a date for Saturday night. Unlike Rick, however, I'm more comfortable with VB.NET because it just seems closer to the Fox programming style I've been used for so long. I think VB-only people are being too sensitive and C#-only people shouldn't knock a language just because it lets you do lose-typing (actually one of the things I like about VB, but that's another post), or isn't "pure" or whatever. Gimme a break. A business isn't going to care what language you program in, they care if the project is done on time, to spec, and works!

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