Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Boy, were they ready!

What an exciting launch. Microsoft spent a ton of money on this marketing campaign and it showed! They had the guys from the show American Choppers build a motorcycle and Paul Sr. drove it into the crowd and allowed all the attendies to take a photo with him and Mikey. (I love that show so it was exciting for me!) They also got the rock band Cheap Trick to play a concert that evening - they rocked.

I was stationed at the Ask The Experts lounge, the Enterprise Developer cabana and helped out over in the Hands on Lab. I had a lot of positive customer experiences and interesting conversations.

Everyone at the event received a full licensed copy of SQL-Server 2005 Standard edition and Visual Studio 2005 Professional edition packaged to look like two platinum record albums. I ended up with a backstage pass and on my copy I got autographs of Paul Sr. and Mikey as well as the lead singer of Cheap Trick, Robin Zander.

If you can make it to one of the Launch events in your area I would highly recommend attending. Thank you Microsoft for a great day!

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