Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I've Been Tagged! Five things about me....

Okay, I suppose I can't ignore this anymore since both Markus and Sam tagged me this week. It was only inevitable I suppose. Okay so here it goes -- five things you didn't know about me.

1. I'm a car fanatic and I have a 2003 Subaru WRX-ESX Stage 4 built by EasyStreet and Gruppe-S. Once in a while I race it at Sacramento Raceway. It does a 12.7 quarter mile. Next project is a rear swaybar, endlinks and a new clutch :-)

2. I used to race mountain bikes, now I just ride them. I have a 2003 Specialized FSR-Disc. I love to ride many of the thousands of miles of trails on Mt. Diablo. We have a beautiful view of the mountian from our bedroom.

3. I have an XBox 360 and I am addicted to any car/motorcycle games. I play almost every night if I'm not watching Battlestar Galactica DVDs. We just got my dad who's retired an XBox 360 for Christmas so I'm hoping he sets it up and gets his online profile so I can kick his butt.

4. I love wine and beer to the point where we're considering building a wine cellar. Exposure to great wines is easy living in the Bay Area. We go to festivals once or twice a month, even in the winter. This weekend we're headed to the 15th Annual Winter Wineland. I also belong to World Beer Direct's Beer of the Month Club where they send me three bottles each of two different international beers and two different American microbrews to my door every month.

5. I'm a pro Baseball and Football fan (it goes well with the beer :-)). I'll watch college football this time of year for the bowl games (Holy Crap, Boise State!). We have season tickets to the Oakland A's and we're considering going to spring training in phoenix this year. I'm an Oakland Raider fan too but that's a little bit embarrassing to say right now! I've been a Raider fan since they won the 1984 superbowl when I was 12 years old. My family lived in the Los Angeles area (San Pedro) back then.

Okay now for the lucky winners who get tagged by me!

- Rod Paddock
- Duffy
- Eric Newcomer
- Bill McCarthy


Gonzo said...

Hey, no fair...a lot of people know about your Suburu and I, for one, am scared of it.

Beth Massi said...

Don't be too afraid, she needs a new clutch BAD...

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