Thursday, May 05, 2005

Refactor, refactor, REFACTOR!

So much for hiding the word "refactor" from VB.NET developers... (oh how I love the fact that it's spelled with a big fat exclamation point!!!!)

Have you taken a look at this new VB 2005 refactoring? I think this refactoring interface blows doors off the C# one. Everything is context sensitive right at your fingertips and all inline with the code editor -- no modal dialogs! And it's just a whole heck of a lot smarter about what you would want to do with the selected code. Any developer will be able to pick this up in two minutes. Thank you Microsoft for making such an awesome deal with Developer Express to provide us all with this free tool. (I think there's a C# one you can buy for $99.)

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Rick Strahl said...

I bought Refactor! just the other day and it is truly awesome and I agree it in some respects goes beyond what the C# Refactor stuff in 2005 does. But the nice thing is that this works in VS2003 so you can use it today with shipping technology. This is first refactoring tool that actually works for me. I've tried several and most of them crashed VS something vicious.