Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I am free!

I just installed a new hard drive in my laptop and WOW.. I feel free again! You'd think I installed a new processor and another GIG of RAM! Nope. Just a new (faster, bigger) hard drive. My old drive scared me by coughing up the blue screen a couple times last week so I ordered a new drive from Dell and started the rebuild on Saturday. I think I have this baby back to a workable computer.... just found the sound drivers today so my speakers are working again. So the old drive is still booting up in safe mode so if I forgot anything I can always go back and get it if I really have to. Much better buying a new drive for $90 than to format your old one only to realize you forgot to copy over all your great grandmother's 120th birthday pictures which you have no backups for. My registry is clean and under a GIG so I'm cooking with gas now. VS even opens in less than 5 seconds... sweeeeeet.


Keith said...

ok, so i know pretty girls usually get the hook up but how the heck do you get a new laptop drive from dell for 90 bucks!

Beth Massi said...

Here's the one I got.... only $85 now!